October 21, 2019

More than 200 million people celebrate Halloween in the United States and last year saw the largest highest spend per buyer of any Halloween season — ever — at an average of $86.13 (for a total head-rolling $9.1 BILLION). So this year isn’t going to be slowing down by any means which really means you better figure out your costume now! So, always ones to be helpful here, we did some research into the biggest costume trends for this All Hallow’s Eve.  One thing was very, apparently, cat-a-clismically clear (and non-canine)…Black Panther is gonna be making his mark everywhere!

Super Heroes/Villains
Of course, super heroes usually always are trending if not tricking and this year is no exception — except the fact that these super heroes and villains — are a little less perfect and a little more fun — Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Venom, to name a few.

Movie Cartoon Faves
With such hit animated blockbusters this year, including The Incredibles, Despicable Me franchise, and Hotel Transylvania, expect  your favorite CGI characters such as Edna from Incredibles and Mavis from “Transylvania” to be popping up everywhere.

TV & Commercial Iconic Characters
Whether it’s a resurgence of our favorite fruit loop Toucan Sam, the familiar favorite human number over 10 (Netflixx’s cool “Eleven”), our almost perfectly plastic cartoons-to-live action hotties from Riverdale or Linda from Bob’ Burgers — all amazing costumes that a lot of people are interested in this year. Of course we can’t rule out those Game of Thrones heathons, especially since they just won the EMMY award. Who would you be? Queen of the Dragons or Drunkard of the Dwarfs?

Han Frozen inFear
The empire that is Disney’s “Frozen” still hasn’t thawed out much so expect to see  a lot of Elsas, Annas and Olafs. “Star Wars” old and new is always represented well but we certainly could se more classic Princess Leia’s and Chewbacca’s after the year they both had. On the exact opposite of that falls the super creepy and incredibly sketchy  group of famous clowns (such as Pennywise), the psychos (such as Michael Meyers) and the Nuns, literally from hell, thanks to “American Horror Story: Asylum!

Tried & True so Always Do
Show up, that is…because there are always a few tried-and-true costumes that tend to show up regardless of anything hashtagging or otherwsie showing up: giant emojis, Harry Potter, the Simpsons, and we can only imagine how many versions of the Donald we’ll be seeing next month.

Regardless of what you want to be this Halloween, have a  blast with it. Be creative and fun…and then find some kids you’re related to and go Trick or Treating with them. You’ll never want to miss it again!


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