Make Your House a Home Pt IIIa: Your House Smells…

July 18, 2019

None of us wants that sentence to end there, do we? But we also don’t want it to end with “stale” or “weird.” Keeping your home smelling wonderful all the time is impossible but smell is a very powerful sense that’s quite emotional really. If your goal is to make your home inviting and welcoming, smell has to be part of that consideration.  In Part IIIa we have several tips for you as far as natural ways to make your home smell amazing. These are things that you can make, they don’t have chemicals and additives that you find in store-bought items and you can tailor the smells to the ones you love. In Part IIIb we’ll talk about when you just need to make your place smell better-to-great stat!

The best place to start is with a list of smell culprits:

  • Stinky pet beds/homes
  • Gunky garbage disposal
  • Unclean upholstery
  • Damp laundry
  • Ancient leftovers in the fridge
  • Ruined produce
  • Mildewed bathroom corners or windowsills
  • Neglected oven or microwave
  • Kitchen and bathroom sink drains
  • Untended trash cans/diaper pails
  • Dirty throw rugs
  • Musty pillows
  • Really dusty places

Keeping those in mind, here are some natural ways for you to snuff out the stink!

Have a Ball with Oranges & Cloves

Oranges are great for many things including Vitamin C, of course. But they also have an amazing, strong smell to them. Then there are cloves — remember that amazing smell of the ham baking with the cloves inside. Well, can you imagine if you put oranges and cloves together? It’s super easy, just grab some small to medium oranges and stick the cloves through the peel. Set them in a bowl and you have a fantastic room refresher.

Make Your Own Oil Diffuser

The oil diffusers you buy at home decor stores or Target work well but they also have a lot of additives in them. Some even need heat or electricity to work which drains energy. You can make your own and it’s very easy. Purchase some bamboo skewers, your favorite essential oil and a carrier oil such as sweet almond or safflower oil. Take a glass vase and fill it with 60 drops or so of the essential oil. Then add the carrier oil and bamboo skewers. The oil sent will come right through the skewers.

Trash Your Coffee

Waking up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee is way better than waking up to the decaying trash, am I right? Well, coffee has such a powerful smell to it that it can kill other odors. So if you want to keep your trash can smelling fresh, dump  some ground coffee in the bottom of it!


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