Interior Design and Home Decor Initial Trends for 2019

December 10, 2018

Trends in interior design and home decor usually come straight from the fashion runways. So, we’re taking a look at some of the trends that will be hot in 2019, from a room-to-room trend overview to some of the more surprising trends.

Back to (Matte) Black
Let’s start with color. You’ll never guess, but the hot color for 2019 is going to be matte black. Yep, we’re going to be seeing bold designs utilizing matte black in kitchen appliances and home decor items everywhere. As far as other colors go, 2019 is going to be earthy — dark greens, watermelon red, rust, sienna, terracotta, bronze are going to be the it colors. All of these colors are a far cry from the ubiquitous “millennial pink!”

The progression of smart homes is still at a rapid pace, technology is going to be incorporated into more and more home decor items, namely mirrors!  That’s right.  Be ready to have your mirror tell you about your health, home security and more as “multi-tasking mirrors” are going to be the fairest (and smartest) of them all in 2019.
Modern design comfortable bathroom
All-black kitchens are going to be the bold statement of 2019. Also, more subtle marble such as brown and green versus more overstated, in-your-face marble. It’s going to be harder to find the major appliances in kitchens, however, as there is a growing trend of “hiding” those appliances in plain sight.
Bathroom Trends
Color. Color tiles. Color sinks. Color bathtubs. Soft plum, dark greens, browns, coal will be hot in the water closet. We’re going to see a lot of terracotta tiles and cork being utilized throughout bathrooms, as well.
Room Decor Trends
Think total, oversized comfort with sofas, chairs and ottomans, and then the shapes are going to be both geometric and organic. Within the geometric designs are the stripes, for example, and inside the organic forms, many curved armchairs and wallpapers painted by hand with watercolor. Other trends in room decor include upholstered headboards, industrial style metals,and private environments instead of the living room-kitchen-dining room-one-big-space trend of the past couple decades.
Sustainable Fabrics
Across homes and fashion, sustainable fabrics will be another key trend with a steep increase in products made from sustainable alternatives such as animal-free leather from genetically modified yeast or worm-free silk.

Vintage Style Decorations
Although it is a style that has been used for many years, it will continue to be valid this year. Art Deco or classic style furniture, updated with contemporary materials and textures, will be very present in the interior design.

Artistic Wallpaper|
Looks like works of art, such as watercolor brushstrokes or large painted flowers, as well as creating a striking appearance in the rooms, will also be one of the trends. It is about reproducing a work of art on a large scale.

We’ll keep you posted about other trends as we get into 2019.

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